About Kornel - My Story

Hi I’m Kornel. After joining the corporate world doing marketing for companies such as Microsoft and S.C. Johnson, I decided to join the small business world to learn how to grow small businesses (while simultaneously selling a software that saves lives).

Transitioning from a high paying corporate job out of university to a small family business meant taking a pretty significant pay cut, so I started learning everything I could about money management, investing, and building additional income streams by creating a business on-the-side.

I started to build my own passive income business, by creating and selling instructional videos online for a sport that I’m passionate about. I taught myself how to shoot videos, create ebooks and online courses, how to monetize a website, and how to market the products. Most importantly, I learned how make the business run on autopilot, meaning that I could work on it when I wanted and had time, and that sales of the products would still be generated whether I was working on the business, sleeping, or working at my other job.

After a lot of work, learning, and experimentation, the site started to generate enough income where all my “going out”, and “fun shopping” expenses were covered by the passive income from my website. This allowed my day-to-day regular income to go towards paying down the mortgage quicker. When combining this extra income with everything I taught myself over the years about money management, savings, mortgages, and spending, my wife and I hit a major milestone…

Just before turning 29, we had enough money to completely pay off the rest of our mortgage!

The letter every home owner wants to get: The Mortgage Discharge Statement (click to enlarge)

Since becoming mortgage free we had another big event...having our first baby!

Our cute baby Lucy!

I also became a real estate investor, and started investing heavily in the stock market (adopting the couch potato strategy).

With this site, my goal is to share with you what worked and what didn’t when it comes to becoming debt free at such a young age.

I’ll also share what you can do to generate passive income online through your hobby (just like I did).

Last but not least, I’ll be conducting expert interviewing and sharing best practices on the subject of investing such as how to invest, and where to invest. As a real estate and stock market investor myself, my hope is that you’ll learn from my failures and successes so that we can grow our wealth together and become financially free to do whatever we dream of (and not have to wait until 60 to retire).

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Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to building our wealth together here in Canada!

Kornel Szrejber