Our Early Retirement Story (and Lessons Learned from Achieving It)

Our Early Retirement Story and Lessons Learned from Achieving It

I recently realized that I haven’t really provided an update on our early retirement story and more importantly, the lessons learned from it so far. Therefore my goal for this episode is to share with you what we did wrong and what I think we did right, that allowed us to achieve financial independence by…

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Are You Saving Enough for Retirement? (And Other Top Questions)

Are you saving enough for retirement? (and other top questions)

Today we’re going to cover some of the top financial questions asked by Canadians, including the number one question, “Am I saving enough for retirement?”. The way we came up with these questions, is that as you may know, the fee-for-service financial planner that I use is John Kalos, and on my site, I have a…

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How to Live Off Your Investments and Stress Test Your Portfolio

How to live off your investments and stress test your portfolio - Roger Whitney

In this episode, we talk about how we can set our investments up so that we can live off them in retirement (whether it’s a traditional retirement or early retirement). We also cover the important subject of how to stress-test our investment portfolio so that we can help ensure that we don’t run out of…

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Insider Look At Top 7 Insurance Tricks That Keep You Overpaying

Insider Look At Top 7 Insurance Tricks That Keep You Overpaying

Today we have insurance industry insider, Laura McKay on the show, who reveals some of the top tricks and tactics used in the insurance industry, to keep us overpaying.  She covers what to look out for, and what we can actually do on our end to make sure that we get the best rates possible,…

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How to Create and Optimize Your Investment Portfolio (Pre and Post Retirement)

How to Create and Optimize Your Investment Portfolio Pre and Post Retirement

Our guest today is Jason Heath, CFP who has been providing fee-only, advice-only financial planning since 2001 and is one of Canada’s best-known fee-only financial planners. He is currently a personal finance columnist for the Financial Post, MoneySense and is also a regular contributor to RetireHappy.ca. I’ve been reading his insightful financial planning articles on MoneySense…

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Buying a House, a Rental or Flipping Houses

Buying a House, a Rental, or Flipping Houses - Interview with Meghan Chomut

Today we have Meghan Chomut on the show who is a financial planner specializing in real estate for both your primary residence and rental properties. She has also personally done property flipping before so I thought it would be great to have her on the show to teach us some lessons and best practices that…

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Canada’s Youngest Retirees – How They Did It: Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung

Canada's Youngest Retirees - How They Did It - Kristy Shen, Bryce Leung

Today we have Kristy and Bryce on the show who are Canada’s youngest retirees. Kristy retired at 31 while Bryce was 32, and today I pick their brains on how they pulled it off, how they invest, and how they structured their investment portfolio to ensure that they never run out of money. Listen to it on…

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How to get the lowest rate on your mortgage (new and renewing mortgages)

How to get the lowest mortgage rate - Sean Cooper Interview

House hunting season has officially begun, so I thought it would be a good idea to have an insider from the mortgage industry on the show to learn some tops tips on getting the lowest possible mortgage rate, whether you are looking for a new mortgage, or have one that you’ll need to renew soon.…

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How to Automate Your Investing (without the giant fees)

How to automate your investing - Passiv and Questrade

A common problem that holds some Canadians back from paying the lowest possible fees in investing by becoming a DIY (do-it-yourself) investor, is that it does take a bit of learning and practice. Also since we’re not taught this in school, it can be intimidating. Even those that aren’t intimidated by it can at times…

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TFSA creator shares top saving & investing strategies, while promoting financial literacy for Canadians.

Top TFSA Saving and Investing Strategies - Kevin McCarthy

Today I have the creator of the TFSA on the show who shares his best TFSA tips and strategies, while also discussing his initiative to enhance financial literacy in Canada. His name is Kevin McCarthy, and while working in Ottawa, Kevin was responsible for the financial literacy file for Minister Flaherty and helped launch the…

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