Dragon’s Den Winner Shares Top Tips on Having Your Own Business On-the-Side

Today I have Dragon’s Den winner Lee Renshaw on the show, and we’re going to talk all about tips and strategies that you can implement if you want to start your own business on-the-side here in Canada.

Now one of the things I noticed based on the emails I received from listeners of the show, is that a lot of Build Wealth Canada listeners would actually like to start their own business on-the-side here in Canada but aren’t exactly sure how to do it and how to set it all up since a lot of the information out there is specifically for the US, and there isn’t a good step-by-step guide out there specifically for Canadians.

So because of this, I decided to built a free step-by-step video guide for you about everything you need to know about setting up your own side business here in Canada. You can check out the full video guide over at BuildWealthCanada.ca/business.

In addition to that, it’s obviously a good idea to have your own website for your new business on-the-side, so I’ve created a 2nd free video guide showing you step-by-step on how you can easily build your own website whether you’re looking to start a blog, provide a service, or sell a product.

What’s also neat is that in the guide, I’m actually building a real-life website for a real business, and I recorded step-by-step how I do it so that you can follow along, and build your own website.

I’m sure you’ll love it, it’s totally free, and the link to that guide is BuildWealthCanada.ca/site

I look forward to hearing what you think!


Link’s & Resources Covered

Lee’s Site: www.risegear.com/

How to Start a Side Business in Canada Video Guide: Buildwealthcanada.ca/business

How to Build Your Website Video Guide: Buildwealthcanada.ca/site

Question’s Covered

  1. Tell us your story and how did you end up dominating Dragons’ Den?
  2. Let’s fast forward. What kind of an impact did being on Dragons’ Den have? How is your business doing now?
  3. For those wanting to have a business-on-the-side, or eventually their own full-time business, what are some tips you have for them when they’re just getting started.
  4. What specifically did you have to do to start your own business here in Canada?
  5. What are some top mistakes you made, and how would you have done things differently knowing what you know now?
  6. What are your key success factors that got you to where you are today?
  7. When it comes to marketing and promoting your business, what is working well for you now? (marketing channels, specific tactics, etc.)
  8. If you had to start over completely from scratch where your business didn’t exist, and all you had was $500 saved up, where would you invest your time and money to start your business
  9. Where can we learn more about you and Rise Gear?

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