Earning Money-on-the-side With Freelancing (Interview with Matt Inglot) Part 1

Hey it’s Kornel here and welcome to the Build Wealth Canada Show!

I’m really excited today as we have a very special Canadian entrepreneur on the show who is an expert on earning money-on-the-side with freelancing.

Now why should you even consider freelancing as a way to earn money on the side?

  • Well to start, it’s something that you can start immediately to boost your income. You don’t have to spend months building a product, manufacture a prototype, and spend all kinds of money while hoping that you can pull it off and actually make money with the product once it’s complete. With freelancing you can earn that additional income much quicker and have the extra money to get out of debt quicker, pay off your mortgage, invest, or take that dream vacation.
  • It’s something you can do on the side while having a full time job. If you want you can eventually transition to freelancing full time, working for yourself, and being your own boss.
  • The income potential is nearly limitless. No more waiting for a raise, or hoping to land the slightly higher paying job. As a freelancer you set your own rates, can charge what you want, and can take on only the clients that you actually want to work with.

So my guest today is a freelancing expert Matt Inglot. Matt started out as a freelancer back in university, building websites for companies to earn money on the side and pay for his schooling. Since then, he’s turned his freelancing into a high-end web development company called Tilted Pixel which has given him the freedom to travel where he wants, whenever he wants, earn a sizable income, and enjoy the freedom of being his own boss.

After achieving this success, Matt launched Freelance Transformation where he shares his experience and teaches new and existing freelancers how to grow their income, only work with the clients they want, and how to achieve cubicle freedom by being their own boss.

In this interview Matt will tell us:

  • How he was able to pay for his university by freelancing on the side and how he turned his company into a high end web development company
  • The top mistakes to avoid when freelancing
  • How to structure your freelance business so that you can work anywhere in the world, setting your own hours
  • What to do if you don’t think you have any skills that you can freelance
  • The number one mistake freelancers make when getting started
  • The best steps to take when you’re just starting out
  • And much more.

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Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

FreelanceTransformation.com – Matt’s company teaching the best practices in freelancing.

Tilted Pixel – Matt’s professional web development company.

Kijiji – A spot where you can get ideas and/or post your freelancing services for free.

Craigslist – Another location get ideas and/or post your freelancing services for free.

Fiverr – A great marketplace where you can get ideas for the type of freelancing you want to do.

oDesk – A great spot where you can post your services and learn how others market their freelancing business.

Elance – Similar to oDesk, this is another marketplace worth considering for idea generation, marketing ideas and a place where you can post your services.

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