ETF Index Investing Course


  • Andrew

    Reply Reply November 30, 2022

    For using TFSA and RRSP to invest I really don’t need registered accounts with my bank? Just with the brokerage? Or do I move money from my registered bank account to brokerage TFSA, RRSP?

    • By Kornel Szrejber

      Reply Reply December 1, 2022

      Correct. I for example don’t have an RRSP with any bank. Everything can be at the brokerage that you choose. When I have some money to invest sitting as cash in my chequing account for example, I just use the “pay bills” feature online on my bank’s site. When you are setting it up at your bank online, each account (RRSP, TFSA) is a different “bill”. So, when I go to “pay bills”, I’ll for example see one for my TFSA account, and another for my RRSP. Then you pick which one you want to deposit into. Make sure you track how much you contribute to each year so that you don’t overcontribute.

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