Free Investing Event: Spring into ETF Investing

Spring into ETF Investing 2022

There are some great free ETF learning sessions starting tomorrow for Canadians! I’ll be the host for one of them next week (May 6), but definitely check out the first two episodes launching tomorrow (April 29th). Here’s the official link where you can register and watch for free:

Talks Include:

April 29th:

  1. Generating monthly income from your portfolio using ETFs
  2. Getting started with ETF investing: Opening an account and making your first trade – Yes you can!

May 6th:

  1. Secrets from Bay Street revealed! How to build an ETF portfolio like a professional (this is the one where I’ll be the host)
  2. Tap into trending sectors using ETFs

Enjoy, I hope to see you there, and have fun learning!






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