How to Optimize Your Investments to Pay the Least in Tax, for Canadians (Featuring Brendan Wood from Passiv)

How to Optimize Your Investments to Pay the Least in Tax (for Canadians) Brendan Wood r

Today, you’re going to learn how you can save money on your investments, by having the right investments, in the right accounts so that you pay as little tax as possible here in Canada.

For example, if you hold Canadian stocks, or ETFs that hold Canadian stocks, should you put those in your RRSP? Your TFSA? Or your taxable account? Which one of those is the most tax efficient?

What about your US and other international ETFs and stocks? What accounts should they go into so that you pay the least foreign tax on those investments?

For us Canadians, different investments are taxed differently depending on what those investments include, and what investment accounts you put them in.

It’s essentially an optimization puzzle that you can solve, by putting the right investments in the right accounts to pay the least Canadian and foreign tax, on those investments.

If you choose to optimize to this extent like I do, you can essentially reap the benefits of these tax savings for the rest of your life, since those savings will compound over your investment lifetime, and can accelerate your net worth, since every dollar saved in taxes on your investments, is a dollar that stays invested, and continues to grow and compound for you.

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Questions Covered:

  1. Let’s go through what investments to hold in each account for maximum tax efficiency, both in terms of how to pay the least Canadian tax, as well as foreign withholding tax.

  2. What are your thoughts on actually not being 100% optimized all the time, so that we have the flexibility of having different ETFs in different accounts when living off our portfolio?

  3. How can listeners set up Passiv to have it help rebalance their portfolio in the most tax efficient manner? and can you tell us where listeners can go to get a free premium account in Passiv?


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  • Barett

    Reply Reply July 27, 2023


    I recall you mentioning that you now hire an accountant to help determine the most tax efficient method of decumulation in retirement to maximize your government benefits including child tax benefit. I believe you also stated that you tried to use the software yourself but found that you need to be a tax software expert to get the most out of the software. Would you mind posting what software you were using to do this calculation?



    • By Kornel Szrejber

      Reply Reply July 28, 2023

      Hi Barett. The software that I used was great and easy to use. It was TurboTax. However, the challenge that I encountered was when I was trying to run different what-if scenarios. The software was designed to make tax filing fast and easy, and not to run multiple complex what-if scenarios and see which one is best. Hence, me resorting to an accountant.

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