How to Save Money: Top Lessons From Teaching 100,000+ Canadians

Arian Beyzaei - Build Wealth Canada Podcast

This episode is with Arian Beyzaei, the Vice President of Enriched Academy, a financial literacy educator, and one of the most successful companies to be featured on the show Dragon’s Den. 

Over the past 6 years, Arian has travelled around the country teaching Canadians how to get smarter with their finances. He has presented to over 10,000 people and has been featured on the Financial Post, The Globe and Mail and many more providing personal finance tips and strategies.

What’s really neat about Enriched Academy is that they are definitely one of, if not the largest financial literacy educators in Canada. They have over 100,000 students, so I thought it would be useful for Arian to share some of the top money saving lessons learned, after teaching that many students, here in Canada.

In other words, what can really move the needle for all of us, when it comes to making a dent in our spending?

What are the highest impact savings strategies that we should be focusing on, to really drastically increase the extra cashflow that we all receive month to month?

Enjoy the episode, and I hope to see you at the Summit this Wednesday (September 22nd, 2021).


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  1. We talk a lot about increasing our wealth through investing on this show but a higher income, or return on investment, is only one component of growing our net worth. The other of course, is saving and not incurring unnecessary liabilities.

    To kick things off, why should finding ways to save money be on our radar? As opposed to us just focusing on maximizing our income and returns?
  2. When it comes to saving money on things that really move the needle in increasing our financial wellbeing, housing and transportation come to mind as the top areas to optimize. Can you give us some insights and advice on these two areas?
  3. While housing and transportation are definitely high priority areas due to their high price, another area that can have a large impact is those smaller but recurring expenses that we sign up for, which end up draining our cashflow on an ongoing basis. Can you give us your thoughts and strategies on those?
  4. While mortgage rates are relatively low these days, they are nevertheless a very large monthly cashflow drain for most Canadians. Can you talk about some of your favourite mortgage tactics to help us save money?
  5. If someone is looking for a little bit of extra income this year, without an enormous time commitment, do you have a favourite go-to’s that you found many Canadians can benefit from?
  6.  When it comes to debt, how are Canadians doing vs the rest of the world, and what are your favourite strategies that we can use to lower the interest on our debt?

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