Investing Tips – Market Update and Q&A – Episode 1

Investing Tips - Market Update

This is a special episode of the show as we are adding a new series of episodes specifically for investors.

The show will continue to go on just like it has, but in addition to the types of episodes that you’re used to, I’m going to publish another new episode every month which will benefit you in two ways:

Objective 1:

First, it’s going to keep you informed on what is currently going on in the markets with your investments, and the investing world in general. We hear a lot of doom and gloom in the media, there’s a lot of misinformation, and it’s very easy to become worried about your investments when you hear all the negativity and speculation.

Without the right information, it’s easy to become emotional, and maybe make a rash decision based on some news we hear, only to regret it later.

Therefore in this episode series, the goal is to be the voice of reason and tell you what you need to know, with no biases or conflicts of interest (we’re not selling any investments here), so that you can make an informed, rational decision that serves you best.

Objective 2:

The 2nd purpose of this new series of episodes, is to answer listener and reader questions from Canadian investors. I know I get more questions than I can possibly get to from the show, and as you may know I partner with 5i Research and they’ve literally been asked  thousands of questions over the years and so I thought it would be great for us to answer some of the listener and reader questions that we receive on both our sides.

If you’d like to ask a question, just go to and sign up for the email newsletter right on the main page. You’ll get a free gift when you do this, you’ll be informed when new episodes are released, and when you sign up you’ll get an automated email from me so all you have to do is reply to that email with your question and we’ll do our best to have it on the show.

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I do want to set the expectation with this new series, that despite us talking about the markets, and about the topics that are currently on the minds of investors, and answering questions, this isn’t going to be a series about timing the markets, or day trading, or completely speculative get-rich-quick investing. Instead it’s meant to keep you educated and informed on what is happening in the markets, so that you can be an educated and informed investor, with a long-term outlook on your investments, while hopefully getting some of your investments questions answered too.

Market Expert:

My co-host for this series is Ryan Modesto. He is the CEO of 5i Research which is an investment research company that provides unbiased research on Canadian stocks and ETFs. Ryan holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation (CFA) and is frequently featured on The Globe and Mail, the Financial Post, and you’ve probably seen him on TV as he’s frequently a guest on BNN too, providing his latest research and insights. Ryan and his team have also answered over 75,000 investing questions from Canadians across the country, through their Q&A service, and I’m thrilled to have his expertise on the show.

As a listener of the build wealth show, you can get full access to all of Ryan’s and his team’s research for free, for an entire month. You’ll get full access to all the stock and ETF recommendations, all their model portfolios, as well as their database of over 75,000 answered investing questions. I definitely encourage you to check it out as at the very least you’ll learn a ton and it’s all free anyway.

And if for some strange reason that’s not enough, I’ve also arranged for build wealth Canada listeners to get two extra bonuses:

The first, is that when you sign up for the free trial, you’ll also get a 1 year, paid digital subscription to Canadian Moneysaver Magazine, absolutely free.

This is the exact same magazine that you see at chapters and other stores all over Canada, it’s the largest personal finance and investing magazine in Canada, I actually write for it too, and you get the entire subscription, for free, for an entire year, no strings attached, just for signing up for the free 30 day access to 5i.

The 2nd bonus, is that you’ll also get 1 questions credit for free, on the 5i Research site, so you can actually ask 5i’s Research Team your most pressing investment question and they’ll answer it for you, using the knowledge and investment tools that you and I simply don’t have access to.

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