Welcome to the site! Here are the articles on how we became mortgage-free by 29, and financially independent/retired by 32.

They were published in Canadian MoneySaver Magazine. If you’d like a free 1-year digital subscription to the magazine (a $20 value), then see the instructions below for a special bonus:

Mortgage Free at 29 Article

Financially Independent at 32 Article

Special Bonus – Free 1-year subscription to Canadian MoneySaver Magazine:

Canadian MoneySaver Magazine is Canada’s largest personal finance magazine. The magazine features Canada’s top experts on personal finance and investing, and is a great place to learn best practices, and stay up to date on changes that will impact your investments and financial situation for years to come, specifically here in Canada.

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To get the free account and a 1 year free subscription to Canadian MoneySaver magazine, just go to buildwealthcanada.ca/eq, open the free account, and once you’re done, forward any email that you get from EQ to bonus@buildwealthcanada.ca and I’ll send you a coupon code that gets you a free one year subscription to the magazine.



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