Mortgage Free and Financially Independent at 30. How Sean Cooper Did It.

Mortgage Free and Financially Independent at 30 - Sean Cooper

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Today I’m excited to have Sean Cooper on the show. Now there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard of Sean whether it’s on the radio, TV, or the internet as Sean is the guy that bought his first house when he was just 27 and paid off his mortgage at 30 in 3 years.

Now as you may know, my wife and I also paid off our mortgage early at the age of 28 and 29 (you can learn more about it by checking out past episodes of the show). But what makes Sean’s story interesting, is that he did it in Toronto (which as we all know has some of the highest real estate prices in Canada), and he did it with a single income. That to me is really impressive, so it was fun to pick Sean’s brain about how he did it, and the strategies he uses and recommends to save money and get out of debt.

Now a little bit more about Sean: He’s an in-demand personal finance journalist, money coach and speaker. His articles have been featured in publications such as the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, MoneySense and Tangerine’s Forward Thinking blog.

He makes regular appearances on national radio and television shows to discuss personal finance, real estate and mortgages. He’s also the author of the new book, Burn Your Mortgage, which helps anyone —from new buyers to experienced homeowners — pay down their mortgage sooner and live well while doing it.

You can follow him on Twitter @SeanCooperWrite and request his services on his website:

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Sean’s Contact Information:

Sean’s Book: Burn Your Mortgage

Twitter: @SeanCooperWrite

You can request Sean’s services at:

Questions Covered:

  1. To start things off, tell us your story and the steps you took that got you mortgage free at such a young age.
  2. Tell me about the moment when you realized that you need to write a book. What motivated you to write it in the first place?
  3. With the house prices being where they are, and the frenzy that we seem to be experiencing in the real estate market right now, do you think it still makes sense for millennials to buy a home? (as opposed to renting for a lot less and investing their excess cash flows). Are there exceptions?
  4. Are there some creative ways that you recommend Canadians (and millennials in particular) can get into the real estate market?
  5. Tell me about the internal dialogue that you had in your head, with yourself, when deciding whether you should pay off your mortgage quicker or invest.
  6. Now that you are debt free, are you also financially independent? Tell me your definition of financial independence.
  7. If yes, how do you structure your investments, cash flows, etc.?
  8. What are you doing with the cash flows that aren’t going towards your mortgage anymore?
    -What are you investing in?
    -Your strategy. Reasoning?
    -How are you using registered accounts? Are you using non-registered too?
  9. Have you considered doing a home equity line of credit (HELOC) on your property and using the proceeds to invest?
  10. Are you thinking of buying more rental properties?
  11. What’s next for you?
  12. To finish things off, tell us more about your book and what we can expect to learn from reading it.
  13. Where can we follow you if we want to learn more?

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