Part 2: Earning Money-on-the-side With Freelancing (Interview with Matt Inglot)

Hey it’s Kornel and welcome to part 2 of the interview with Matt Inglot (owner of Freelance Transformation and Tilted Pixel).

If you missed part 1, it is available here:

In this session, Matt covers some critical tips on how to succeed if you want to earn money-on-the-side with Freelancing. Specifically, we discuss:

  • How to differentiate your freelancing business from the competition
  • How to compete with cheap labour overseas offering similar work for less (think China, India, etc.)
  • The 1 HUGE mistake that can cut your income in half
  • How much to charge for your services
  • How to use the power of “being local” to your advantage
  • How to add value through responsiveness
  • The advantages and disadvantages of freelancing versus “passive income” businesses
  • How to find buyers for your service
  • The power of networking and referrals
  • The common freelancing mistakes to avoid

Links and Resources Mentioned in this Episode: – Matt’s company teaching the best practices in freelancing.

Tilted Pixel – Matt’s professional web development company.

Fiverr – A great marketplace where you can get ideas for the type of freelancing you want to do.

oDesk – A great spot where you can post your services and learn how others market their freelancing business.

Elance – Similar to oDesk, this is another marketplace worth considering for idea generation, marketing ideas and a place where you can post your services.

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