Top 5 Costly RRSP Mistakes that Canadians Make (secrets from an ex-banker)

Top 5 Costly RRSP Mistakes that Canadians Make (secrets from an ex-banker)

RRSP season is upon us (the last day is March 1) and to help you avoid the top RRSP mistakes that Canadians make, I’ve brought back the financial planner that my family and I use, John Kalos.

We had a live webinar where we went over these top mistakes, and it gave everyone a chance to get their questions answered live. 

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What we covered in the webinar and episode:

•How to use RRSP season to save you thousands in taxes (it ends March 1st!)

•How to make RRSPs work for you to boost your net worth, instead of just making it profitable for the banks (at your expense)

•The top tricks that the banks use to get you to invest with them
(revealed by an ex-banker).

•What you can do right now to maximize your tax return, by properly using your RRSP.

The Audio/Podcast Version:

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