Your Questions Answered + Real Estate Update For Canadians

Sean Cooper and Kornel Szrejber 71

Today we’re going to try something a little different in that I’m going to split today’s episode into two sections, covering two different subjects: 

First, we’re going to cover some questions that I’ve received from listeners of the show and from students of my investing course, so that you can benefit from the strategies and tactics too. These are specifically going to be in the area of investing.

Next, we’re going to bring on my guest who is our resident mortgage and real estate expert and best-selling author, Sean Cooper. Sean will explain the real estate situation here in Canada so that you can stay informed on how real estate has been affected in these COVID times, whether you’re an existing home-owner that is concerned about the value of their home dropping due to COVID, or whether you are a renter looking to potentially buy in the future. 

We cover questions like What should you know? And how can you maximize your chances of getting approved for a mortgage? 

And whether you’re an existing or future home-owner, there have actually been some mortgage rule changes that recently took place here in Canada so you definitely want to be informed about those so that you can easily renew that mortgage when it’s time. Or, if you’re looking to buy, so that you can have a smooth stress-free process in obtaining financing for your property, instead of struggling and potentially missing out on your dream home due to financing issues, due to these new mortgage rules that recently got put into place.

Here’s the episode:

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Topics/Questions Covered:

Investing Topics:

  1. Buying near all-time stock market highs. Should you do it?
  2. Investing larger amounts of money: Buying-in all at once vs dollar-cost-averaging in.
  3. How much to focus on dividends in your investing.
  4. Socially responsible investing, and what to keep in mind before diving in.

Real Estate and Mortgage Questions:

  1. Let’s talk about COVID and the real estate market. Are we seeing increases in home values?
  2. How are things if you’re looking to buy vs sell?
  3. Is it a buyer’s or seller’s market?
  4. There have been some Mortgage Rule Changes recently here in Canada. Can you take us through them?
  5. What can we do that is within our control, to maximize the chances of getting approved for a mortgage, and getting the best terms and rate?
  6. With these record low interest rates that we’ve been seeing, many Canadians that are currently in a fixed-rate mortgage are wondering, is it worth breaking their existing mortgage, paying the cancelling fees, and then getting a new mortgage at the lower rate.

    Can you talk about the analysis that we should be doing to actually mathematically figure this out?
  7. What should we consider if we’re shopping around for a home right now, in Canada?

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