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Ed Rempel Interview:

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My Thoughts on Ed

Ed is one of the top people I go to whenever I have questions about my investments, financial planning, and how to minimize my taxes.

His decades of experience as BOTH a Financial Planner AND a professional accountant really helps me feel secure that he has all the basis covered whenever I seek his advice.

The experience of writing nearly 1,000 financial plans for Canadians over that time is also a huge credibility builder in my eyes. I've been binge reading his research to further optimize my investments and taxes, and really like how he also has extensive knowledge of some of the more advanced strategies to really help accelerate returns.

Here are some more credentials directly from Ed:

"I built one of the largest financial planning firms in Canada and attribute my success to focusing on financial planning, while most advisors focus on selling investments. People do not need an investment salesperson. They need someone to focus on their life and future plans. Someone to help them make smart decisions."

Ed's Experience Includes:

  • 24 years as a fee-for-service financial planner
  • 33 years as an accountant (CPA, CMA).
  • 9 years as a guest author on the popular Million Dollar Journey blog.
  • Building one of the largest financial planning practices in Canada.
  • Writing comprehensive and personal financial plans for nearly 1,000 families.
  • Helping more than 600 clients follow their financial plans.
  • Managing more than $100 million in investments.
  • Writing courses on financial planning & investing, and educating 216 financial advisors at several of the largest credit unions.
  • Expert in some effective strategies, such as the Smith Manoeuvre, Lifecycle Investing (sometimes called “Smith Manoeuvre for renters” or “Smith Manoeuvre for Millennials”), Cash Dam, and Rempel Maximum, as well as tax strategies for self-employed and retirees.
  • Creator of the “Rempel Maximum” strategy.
  • Completing the Certified Hedge Fund Specialist program with the highest mark in Canada.
  • Semi-retiring in my 50s to focus on my passion for writing. I want to make a difference for Canadians.


This is exactly what we were looking for – someone to take a look at our entire financial picture and give us sound strategies to get to where we want to be.

R.S., Brampton, ON

Thanks so much for all your help and support as we get this up and running. You go way above and beyond what any other financial planner would do for their clients and we really, really appreciate it.

A.M., Mississauga

I have, to date, avoided financial planners/advisors – the ones I met didn’t seem to bring much to the table that I couldn’t figure out myself. Your firm seems to be significantly more advanced than the others, and is the first one to convince me that there is an advantage to hiring professional help for my finances.

J.H., Dundas, ON

You have only known us for a matter of a few days, yet you have undertaken to provide us with such important guidance & assistance with no obligation whatsoever. This is something we’ve never experienced in our past dealing with financial advisors.

S.K., Brampton, ON

I thought it is about time that we conveyed our heartfelt gratefulness towards your associates & yourself for providing us exceptional service & timely sharing of vital information & guidance.

C.K., Brampton, ON

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You'll also get the free PDF guide:
"How to Find the Right Financial Advisor in Canada"

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