Guaranteed Income For Life: How to Use Annuities in Your Investment Portfolio

Guaranteed Income For Life: How to Use Annuities in Your Investment Portfolio - Selene Soo

Sponsored by RBC Insurance Listen to it on iTunes. Listen to it on Spotify. Listen to it on Google Podcasts. Download as an MP3 here When it comes to the safe portion of our portfolio, we’ve talked about GICs and high-interest savings accounts before, but one option that we haven’t talked about yet, is one that gives you guaranteed…

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Free Investing Event: Spring into ETF Investing

Spring into ETF Investing 2022

There are some great free ETF learning sessions starting tomorrow for Canadians! I’ll be the host for one of them next week (May 6), but definitely check out the first two episodes launching tomorrow (April 29th). Here’s the official link where you can register and watch for free: Talks Include: April 29th: Generating monthly…

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Rising Interest Rates, Variable vs Fixed Mortgages, and How to Take Equity Out of Your Home

Sean Cooper Interview

In this episode, we cover the rising interest rate environment that we’re currently in here in Canada, and how it can impact you financially. We also cover how to decide whether you should go fixed or variable on your mortgage in the current interest rate environment. Next, we cover the subject of how you can…

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Your Guide to All-In-One ETFs and Socially Responsible Investing

Danielle Neziol - Guide to all-in-one ETFs and socially responsible investing

On this month’s episode, we’re going to help you evaluate whether you should pick one ETF for your entire portfolio (these are referred to as asset-allocation ETFs), or if you should pick and choose multiple ETFs for your portfolio to fine-tune it based on your specific preferences.  We also talk about how to determine the…

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How to Use Factor ETFs to Fine-Tune Your Portfolio + Market Update

How to Use Factor ETFs to Fine-Tune Your Portfolio with Danielle Neziol

Many listeners of the show (myself included) are total market index investors, where we just buy ETFs that are meant to represent the entire market as a whole, worldwide (as opposed to stock picking, or trying to speculate what will go up or down and investing based on that). After you’ve been index investing for…

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How to Live Off Your Investment Portfolio With Best Selling Author Andrew Hallam

How to Live Off Your Investment Portfolio - Andrew Hallam

Today I’m extremely excited to have Canadian best selling author, Andrew Hallam on the show. His first book, Millionaire Teacher is currently the #1 best seller in the Investment and Portfolio Management category on Amazon. He has been investing in the stock market for 32 years, having built a million-dollar portfolio on a schoolteacher’s salary…

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How to Make Sure You’re Covered: Optimizing Insurance in Your Financial Planning

Laura McKay Interview - Optimizing Your Insurance

If you’re working with a good certified financial planner here in Canada (a CFP), there are specific categories that they should be helping you optimize. According to FP Canada, which is the organization that issues the Certified Financial Planning designation, there are 6 areas that should be covered, as they are critical to your financial…

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Lessons Learned After 5 Years of Early Retirement + Post Pandemic Small Business Update for Canadians

Lessons learned after 5 years of early retirement

Today we’re going to have a two-part episode. Part 1 will be about the lessons that I’ve learned after being either fully retired, or semi-retired for the past 5 years. I definitely made some mistakes both during retirement and leading up to retirement; things that I definitely would have done differently if I were to…

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How to Save Money: Top Lessons From Teaching 100,000+ Canadians

Arian Beyzaei - Build Wealth Canada Podcast

This episode is with Arian Beyzaei, the Vice President of Enriched Academy, a financial literacy educator, and one of the most successful companies to be featured on the show Dragon’s Den.  Over the past 6 years, Arian has travelled around the country teaching Canadians how to get smarter with their finances. He has presented to…

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How to Be Your Own Money Manager: Passiv + Wealthica

How to Be Your Own Money Manager: Passiv + Wealthica

Today we’re going to focus on how to best track your investments, as well as your net worth. This is of course critical, as you need this data to determine: 1. How much more do you need to be financially independent and retire? 2. Whether you are trending in the right direction(i.e. Is your net…

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