Gene Simmons from KISS – A Rags-to-Riches Story

Gene Simmons

Today I have Gene Simmons on the show, from the rock band KISS.

While you probably first heard of Gene from his music, he’s also very involved in a multitude of investments and different business.

With decades of experience under his belt, I thought it would be great to pick his brain on what drives him to keep going after already achieving this high level of success. We also dive into how he selects his investment and business opportunities, how he maintains peak performance, and lessons he would pass on to a younger version of himself.

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Gene’s Site

Invictus MD

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Question’s Covered

  1. You’ve already achieved a lot of success in different industries, and could have easily retired long ago. What motivates you to keep going, and continue to start and expand on your different ventures?
  2. Tells us about your rags-to-riches story, and what were the key things you did, that you feel were instrumental in allowing you to achieve this higher level of success?
  3. Do you have any morning routines and specific activities that you do, to ensure that you’re always performing at your highest level in business and life?
  4. I’m sure you’re constantly bombarded with options for investments, projects and partnerships. How do you screen them initially, and then how do you decide which ones on your shortlist you’re actually going to pursue?
  5. What do you wish someone told you before you started in investing, and before you entered the world of business in general?
  6. Speaking of opportunities, one company that you really decided to invest yourself and your personal brand in is Invictus MD. As someone that doesn’t drink or do drugs, what made you decide to become so invested in a cannabis company?
  7. There are lots of Cannabis companies out there that you could have partnered with. Why did you choose Invictus MD specifically, and what is the thought process you went through to make that decision?

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